Our Services

Maternal Fetal Consultants provides a wide range of services to high-risk pregnant patients and their unborn babies. These services include:

Prenatal diagnosis

Our MFM team uses advanced ultrasound and other diagnostic tools to assess the health of the fetus and diagnose any fetal abnormalities or conditions. This may include genetic testing, fetal echocardiography, and amniocentesis.

Management of maternal medical conditions

Our physician works with pregnant patients who have pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, or autoimmune disorders, to manage these conditions during pregnancy and minimize the risks to the patient and baby.

Management of high-risk pregnancies

We provide specialized care for pregnant people who are at high risk of complications during pregnancy. This may include people who have had previous pregnancy complications, multifetal pregnancies, or preterm labor.

Fetal therapy

In some cases, MFM specialists may provide fetal therapy to treat certain fetal conditions while the baby is still in the womb. This may include fetal surgery, transfusions, or other interventions

Counseling and support

We provide counseling and support to the pregnant patient and their families, particularly in cases where there is a risk of a serious medical condition or fetal abnormality. This may include discussions about treatment options, prognosis, and emotional support.

Delivery planning

At MFC, we work with obstetricians and other healthcare providers to plan for the safest possible delivery for high-risk pregnancies. This may involve scheduling delivery at a specialized facility, or coordinating with a neonatologist to ensure that the baby receives appropriate care after birth.

Overall, Maternal Fetal Consultants will work together with your OB/GYN to provide comprehensive, specialized care to high-risk pregnant patients and their fetuses, with the goal of optimizing health and minimizing risks to both the patient and the baby.

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